Guenter Richard Karl Klay

I would have never gone through with my photography if it wasn't for my Grandfather Guenter Richard Karl Klay. After my father died when I was seven years old, my Grandfather took myself under his wing and guided not only me but every one of my siblings. He taught me/us how to work and how to dedicate ourselves fully to what we wanted to do. He also taught me you won't get anywhere if you weren't willing to go work for it, or take that first step for that goal. He showed me what it was to be a gentlemen, strong morally not only physically & independent, but he also showed me that family no matter what, comes first, and that if you don't love your family your not a man. Guenter Klay drilled in me never to let anything stop me or say I'm not good enough, He would always tell me that if I did, I wouldn't go anywhere.

He was a man of Faith, Integrity, Strong Morals, & a Hard working man. He fought for everything he had by the time he died on Dec. 30th 2007. I can only hope to be man like he was in every which way & I pray and thank God everyday to have had such a man as him in my life.

 I Dedicate this website and all of my photography to my Grandfather

Guenter Richard Karl Klay

April 28th 1928 - Dec. 30th 2007